GR Challenge

The GR Challenge

One of the key reasons why RICOH continues to make cameras is to encourage photographers to enjoy photography. It is our intention to make a camera that photographers will enjoy using time and time again. Since the launch of the GR III, the camera has increased in popularity, with more and more people realising the cameras potential for their own work as a tool in their creative journey. Through sponsorship of the SPi Awards we were able to align with those sharing a similar interest - that of street photography.

We were able to offer the RICOH GR IIIx Urban Edition as a prize to the winner and finalists. Some of them are already familiar with the RICOH GR, whereas others may have heard of the camera, but never had the chance to use one.

This leads us to the GR Challenge. Here we ask the winner and finalists of the SPi Awards to submit one image per week taken with the GR IIIx Urban Edition for 8 weeks to be shared on the @ricoh_gr_photography Instagram page. This will lead to an image from each photographer to be selected and displayed at the RICOH Imaging Square Gallery in Paris, with a copy also being shared with the photographers.

There is of course no obligation for photographers to join, but it is greatly appreciated when they do. It is simply a joy to view the image captured by the photographer and is the reason why we continue to make cameras. On top of this, we continually look to improve the camera system and actively seek feedback from those using it and is a chance to strengthen the relationships we have with photographers from all over world.

We are pleased to introduce the photographers who will be taking part in this year's GR Challenge. Let's follow their journey together.

Meet the Photographers

Carlos Javier Fox

Gökhan Arer

Andrea Pozzoni

Ando Fuchs

Txomin Rodríguez

Annette Lang

Francesco Baroni

Hersley-Ven Casero

Les Telford