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When we started the GR Cities project, the idea was to connect GR photographers in Europe. To do this we promoted the use of Instagram hashtags such as #shootGR_Rome, #shootGR_Madrid and #shootGR_Hamburg. These were used GR photographers within Europe and then it was accepted worldwide. This allowed us to organise exclusive GR events for European cities where the #shootGR City hashtag had been used at least 1,000 times.


As events in Paris, Berlin and London had already taken place, it was time for the GR community in Amsterdam to meet. The location was the "Restaurant 1e Klas", in a beautifully restored royal waiting room in Centralstation.

 shoot gr amsterdam

Around 50 participants attended in total, where they received an introduction from Michel Sangers from RICOH Imaging Europe who hosted the event, as well as a presentation from special guest Masahiko Atsumi who made a special trip from Japan to attend.


Presentations were then given by Niels Kemp and Mike Muizebelt who provided insights into their approach to photography and in turn sparking ideas for the participants. The program was rounded off with a open session Niels and Samuel Lintaro Hopf from Samuels Streetlife which included a Q&A’s from the attendees. Samuel also created a video covering the event, which can be seen on our YouTube channel...

 shoot gr amsterdam

After a light lunch we went for a photo walk through the old town of Amsterdam and were blessed with unseasonal summer temperatures. Smaller groups were organized so not to mob the streets which GR photographer – which, despite the camera’s stealthy appearance, could still be quite intimidation en masse. Of course many pictures that were taken, but also there were many conversations among the participants.

It was a great pleasure to exchange ideas about photography with so many different people. We send a special greeting to Joost who, as a photographer with local knowledge, took over the leadership of our group and who was probably one of the first photographers to use the hashtag #shootGR_Amsterdam. He was also the first to request an event in Amsterdam after reaching the 1,000 mark. It was a pleasure to meet him and all the other photographers.
In support of the #ricoh_gr_women hashtag, we welcomed Mariette, Lemke and Hanna. It was great to gain their insight and hope we can use their experience to encourage other female photographers to use GR. 

When all participants met back at the venue after the walk, it the atmosphere was buzzing, and many participants decided to go to the photo shop NIVO Schweitzer to view the gallery which featured images from the GR PHOTO FESTIVAL 2022.

For us as the organisers, it was very valuable to get to know the Amsterdam GR community and to meet some familiar faces again. As with the other cities, we hope that this event has laid the foundation for further meetings in smaller groups which can be organized by local photographers. It’s clear that the streets of Amsterdam offer so many possibilities for photography and it's much more fun in a group.

To summaries, we can say that the Ricoh GR event #ShootGR_Amsterdam was an unforgettable experience that not only deepened the participants' love for photography, but also showed their enthusiasm for the city of Amsterdam. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this extraordinary event and look forward to exploring more cities with the Ricoh GR in the future.






shot gr amsterdam