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The GR offers a shooting style that provides direct feedback to the photographer's senses, for capturing those moving moments. Just by carrying around this small camera, you become aware of precious, everyday details. That can make anyone into a creator. In the photographs taken with this camera, the world, and the people in it sparkle with life. The GR continues to evolve with those ideas in mind, along with fans who feel the same way. The GR's appeal doesn't rest solely with advancements in technology. We hope that these passionate ideas, and big dreams worked into this camera come across.








What is a photo?

The GR philosophy is that confrontation with society is the essence of photography, and art is merely the result. And the moment when chance becomes necessity, a piece of art becomes something that transcends time. Image quality and response are the means to respond to the photographer's intentions. The camera is fine in a supporting role. Good photos are born of various eras, countries, areas, and devices, but the feeling they portray never fades, but rather the strength they embody grows stronger with time. Because of this, the most important quality a camera can have is neutrality. It should assimilate into the photographer's eyes, hands, and heart.


What is image quality?

A photo is a record of light. The important thing for a camera is to capture the various types of light in the world, as is. However, this also means that a camera should not do so excessively. No matter how advanced the digital technology, the GR believes that the most important facets of a camera are a lens that collects light, and optical performance. The power to communicate the appeal of an object resides in a photo taken through a good lens.


What is a snapshot?

The GR knows that the basis of shooting photos is the snapshot. What drama awaits one second in the future? The ability to react to that moment is the appeal, and depth of a photo. In taking snapshots, there is no such thing as a pro or amateur. The important thing is sensibility and instantaneous force. Snapshots embody the aggregate of true pleasure of photography. Always carry a camera that can respond quickly, and capture high quality images. The GR will continue to strive to be the pinnacle in snapshot cameras.


What is 28mm fixed focal length?

28mm* is the perfect angle of view for capturing photos of society. It is also the perfect perspective to make the main subjects, whether they are people or objects, stand out from around the visual fields of both eyes. It is quite simply the perfect angle of view for a snapshot camera. While focusing on a fixed focal length, we have not compromised one iota on image quality. Sometimes this means that the photographer must take another step closer to the main subject, but that is also what a snapshot is all about. Sharp and decisive footwork to get up close, and sometimes dare to put a bit of distance between you and the subject. That, we believe, is the true essence of photography. *equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm format


What is mobility?

When thinking of readiness to capture a photo opportunity, there isn't much sense in ti?ming the speed of each specific operation independently. Portability that allows the camera to be taken out anywhere, button layout for basic one-handed operation, start-up and shut-down speed, extremely short shutter time lag, high-speed focus, inner barrier, and sufficient battery life. Each aspect that affects the total response time should be balanced. For example, the GR is ready and able to respond to those decisive moments just around the corner. What kind of photo can you capture when the best image quality meets the best mobility? Isn't it exciting just to imagine?


What is a camera?

An excellent camera is one that works in concert with the user's intention, always providing comfortable feedback. For cameras, that means an agile response, a comfortable grip, pleasant controls, optimized button and control layout, and the flexibility to customize the functions to match its use. These reflect the photographer's intent, and help in stress-free operation. The better you get to know the ins and outs of such a camera, the more you can make it suit your style. For these reasons, a good camera is a hard thing to let go of. In some cases, you may be inspired by the potential of this “tool” and become more motivated to take photographs, and a camera like that could come to be called your favorite thing. The GR puts emphasis on the details that cannot be expressed in the specifications of the catalog.


What is design?

The GR knows that excellent design is design that is unobtrusive. Good design speaks of the essence of a thing, and of the values of the owner. The GR does away with ostentation, keeping a simple, functional design. The GR design may seem to be relatively unchanged, however, this is not because we have decided never to change it. The design evolves along with the goal of the best possible design. We hope you never tire of it no matter how long you use it, and that it becomes a part of you, a partner that you'll never let go of.


What is emotion?

Even if technology can excite us, technology alone cannot continue to shake the hearts of man over and over again. It can be said that how much love is put into a product is important. The GR was born not simply of concepts that rely on the power of technology, or manufacturing processes devised by marketing techniques, but from what we believe the ideal snapshot camera should be. The fact that a photo recorded in this small camera can move many people, in turn moves us, and gives us the power to press forward onto the next challenge to make an even better GR.







The GR's abiding concept



Unchanging concept:
The most powerful snapshot camera


Commitment to intrinsic value:
Coexistence of high image quality and portability


Pursuit of an excellent camera
Good feedback The more it’s used, the less you want to let go of it









The continuing lineage of the GR

It can be said that the GR's history is a rebellious one. Paying no attention to the convenient zoom lens, the GR has continued use a wide-angle, single focus lens. Amidst the surge of new products, the GR has not changed in two years, but rather the camera has matured through expanded functions via firmware upgrades. The design is simple and rustic at a glance, and the design language of the GR is unchanged whenever there is a model change. Part of that is that the GR is the antithesis of trends and fads. Its backbone is the feedback from those who never stop loving photos. In that way, the history of the GR is the trail of interaction between the creators of the GR and its users connected around the photos. It is also the passionate path taken by its creators with the goal of creating a universal value that always ascertains the essence of the GR.






There are five development principles for GR.


We do not compete in a number game using catalog specs

"The World's Best" is a sweet temptation for manufacturers. However, we believe that this statement in itself is meaningless. We know that the subtleties which cannot be expressed by specifications are important. We do not install a function only because it is a fad.

We don't chase easy trends.

"Is this right for the GR?" This is the only standard we base decisions on, always asking this question because we want to create new value.

We do not design only to draw attention

Only a form that fits the function, and designs that will stand the test of time as a camera will remain. We aim for design that is unnoticeable, design that feels as if it has always been there. We do not change models easily The most important thing is how long the camera will be used. For us, each and every person who has already bought a GR will always be important.

Always challenge and propose something new

The only camera that can beat the GR is the next generation GR. We want to always continue trying out new plans and proposals. Always exceed users' expectations. We believe that is the GR's role.







Big ideas in a small camera.

This may seem a bit dramatic, but the environment surrounding cameras and photos of late makes us think that there should be at least one camera that fits into the ideas expressed above. As long as there are people who resonate with something in this GR Story, and continue to grow along with us, the GR will continue to grow and evolve. Grab your GR and go on a journey. Watch as communication is born. Today will find another photo somewhere in the world that moves the hearts of us all. That is our wish.

PHOTO "GR" APHER -Always in the heart of photographer - GR.