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Inspired by the asphalt of big-city streets, and the lights of the sky and neon that reflect in them, the RICOH GR IIIx "Urban Edition" is offered in a metallic gray body color. This elaborately designed surface not only looks particularly classy, it also ensures a pleasant and secure grip feeling. In addition to the special housing color, the blue lens ring is an external feature of this series.

Bustling city streets, glittering neon lights

Backs of people hurrying by

Capture the ever-changing present with the special GR


Special body colour and ring cap

Inspired by street photographers who are in their element on the asphalt pavement, the metallic gray body has a unique texture created through repeated and complex painting processes. It’s smooth but enables excellent grip, a combination of design and functionality.

The navy blue ring cap is specially designed to evoke the impression of an azure sky reflected in a puddle after a rain, or neon lights of a city that never sleeps and their reflections.

Various New Functions Have been added

A new exposure mode, “Snap Distance Priority Mode” has been installed. By setting the snapshot distance and depth of field (DOF) in advance, you can instantly recall the setting. DOF3, in particular, sets the f-stop so that the depth of field is close to pan-focus, allowing you to enjoy faster shooting.

"Auto-area AF (Center)” has been added to the the Focus. Auto-area AF works around the center of the frame (9 areas) instead of the entire frame. This prevents the camera from focusing on unintended areas such as the ground in front of you, allowing you more control of your street snaps.

The Urban Edition features a special power-off graphic with a street-like background and special logo.

Other additional features:

  • “Enable AF” has been added to the Shutter Button Setting. It is now possible, when the shutter button is pressed halfway, only the AF is locked without locking the AE.
  • “3.5m” has been added to the Snap Focus Distance.
  • Long tapping on the playback screen can now recall the Playback Settings

Special Limited Kit

The Special Limited Kit includes a special genuine leather hand strap and metal hot shoe cover that match the design of the Urban Edition.

The luxurious genuine leather hand strap is based on the standard GS-2 and features a navy blue swivel (leather ring) to match the ring cap of the camera, a special version that matches the design of the Urban Edition.

Premium metal hot shoe cover add that extra bit of style giving a more premium feel to the camera body. As well as feturing the embossed GR logo, it also come engraved with 'Since 1996' - a tribute to the GR Story.


GR IIIx Urban Edition Special Limited Kit

Limited Edition of 2,000 Units Worldwide

Included items:

GR IIIx Urban Edition, Genuine Leather Hand Strap, Ring Cap(Black), Metal Hotshoe Cover GK-1(BK)